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Get and become a tester paid to evaluate items!

Do you want to find out about new products, and check them?

If you are constantly searching for new items, or curious about what is brand-new in your grocery store aisles, paid item screening is a terrific way to exercise your skill and curiosity (and get rewarded for doing so!).

There are 2 methods you be spent for item screening. Either we mail you some samples for in-home paid item testing, or you can become one of our featured contributors for your country of house.

In-home Testing & Reviews

When you are selected to participate in an in-home paid product testing survey, you receive an alert by email, letting you understand you will be receiving the sample/product quickly.

When you have received the item, you will either be asked to complete an online questionnaire or to participate in a longer online forum to explain your preliminary understandings, sensations, in addition to your usages and mindsets toward the item.

If you are finishing a brief study, you may be entitled to receive a reward, whether it's a gift (samples, and so on), a present certificate or a little cash.

If you are participating in a forum, you will be compensated with a $30-100 money incentive depending on the duration of the online forum.

Become a product tester in Cheshire Ct

Innovation Lab is our ongoing program for paid product testing.

If you become a tester in Cheshire Ct, you will have the opportunity to test and evaluate products from all around the world, mostly food and beverage items at this stage of our paid product testing program.

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